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In the future Man moved into space and settled upon numerous worlds. Each new settlement held the potential of wealth, adventure, and new beginnings. However, just as there were those who worked in harmony to attain their goals, there were those who stole for their livelihood. Technology enabled new types of crime to be committed as well as making old acts of law breaking more dangerous. Law enforcement rose to the challenge and confronted the criminals head-on.
    On a planet named Outback, in the city of New Darwin, one would find a pair of exceptional police officers. This pair was the embodiment of heroism one expected of New Darwin's finest. A true fact, but one can be excused for commenting that the two officers each had a pair that put their uniforms shirts to the test each day. They were Lynnae Wilcox and June Parlor, the buxom duo. Backed by their policing skills, as well as the finest set of guns on the street, Lynnae and June kept the criminal element in its place. Now, if only it would just stay there...

Latest Update
Harsh Fuzz
(added 06/14/11)

An application of Blue primer: Introduction to the Blue Undercover universe
This is an article I wrote for those wanting to know the histories and backgrounds of the ladies in blue and the world they live in.

Police Blue
Tempest at the Tea Cup
Time Bust
Big Talent
Big Man on Campus
Can Angels See Their Toes?
The Big Outdoors
Founders Daze
Model Mischief
Ample Amber
The Big that blew up Christmas
Beach Blue Bingo
Police Blue - The Movie
North Dakota Naughtiness
Blue Blanket

Boobs in Blue
Virtual Bust
Vengeful Valentine
More Than Double
Blue Moonlight
Badge of Bronze
Mammical Xperiment
Marsha's Weird Walkabout

Stories in a fantasy setting
Flora's Misbehaving Melons
A Measure of Fulfillment

The First Stories
Blue Undercover
Blue Undercover: 
     Case of the Panty Pilferer

Boobs in Blue: The Series
Two Squared
Finders Keepers
The Big Apple

Blue Steel
The Bountiful West
The Misadventures of
     Hank and Terry
It's A Wonderful Christmas
Pillow Talk
I Got Busted By Big
The Bite of the Buxom

Blue Undercover Side Stories
The Gladstone Girls
Big Blue Marble
The Bunny and the Bic
Pillow Fight
Christmas in Cleavage Canyon
A Growing Cause For Concern
Sorority Blues

Junsa's Journey
Junsa's Journey Part 1
Junsa's Journey Part 2

Assorted Musings

The Busting Frontier

Forced Perspective
(13 pics added 10/06/10)

Forced Proportion
(added 12/23/10)

Wooster Rewooted
(added 01/15/11)

Harsh Fuzz
(added 6/14/11)

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BEA Forum: Feedback for Artists/Writers/Creators

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An excellent piece of fan art provided by ZDemian. Thanks, Z!

Links of Interest

Burn Up Scramble page (Japanese) The latest addition to the Burn Up franchise. The english information page is here .

Jibunya (RD) first site and second site A talented Japanese artist that specializes in drawing well-endowed ladies. Excellent examples of what you'll find on the beaches of Outback, Lagoon, and Angelica. ;)

Glorian Hearts Look no further to find top-heavy belles wearing smiles, glasses, and very little else.

Anime Fanservice Image Gallery Here you'll find frame captures of various anime series, focusing on fanservice.

Graf Zeppelin Another Japanese artist that draws them big.

The Melon Stand and Woot's Gallery Excellent art by Woot and SaburoX can be found here.

Zip Files

Burn Up W
Burn Up Excess Episodes 1-4
Burn Up Excess Episodes 5-7
Burn Up Excess Episodes 8-10
Burn Up Excess Episodes 11-13

Virus Buster Serge A team of elite law enforcement officers with at least one set of big guns, courtesy of Masami Obari (of Fatal Fury and Gravion fame).

Below is a zip file of one of those rare, elusive manga BE-sequences people speak of. It's from volume 2 of Momo Chichi Musume, by Chosuke Nagashima.
Images were scanned in by me, btw. :)
Momo Chichi Musume BE sequence